macros movere

by corgi ander

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purely experimental
i started making these tracks in january of 2015 & the last one was made a couple months ago (march 2016)


released May 7, 2016

my friend benett made the art for this album. he's a wonderful artist and a wonderful human
you can find more of his stuff on his instagram @commiedesgarcons
iris helped with the album naming



all rights reserved


stray home Portland, Oregon

growing growing growing growing

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Track Name: i don't want to keep doing things i can't do
what is left for me to do if i don't want to keep doing things i can't do
Track Name: draw me with charcoal in your sheets
i want to look at everything like it's the last of its kind
Track Name: lacrimal/pleading
i was alone in the shower at home begging my eyes to drain out
Track Name: quiet as a mouse
follow me downtown i'll follow you around you never want to be found i don't like big crowds put me in the ground quiet as a mouse
Track Name: i don't have to try
"i could love you with my eyes closed and my hands behind my back"
i could love you
Track Name: lowercase letters
i feel like i am running out of space and i wanna cry
i look like a mirror image of you you you you you
soil caught underneath my nails and i am crushing hard

you said "you said you liked lowercase letters better but i don't remember why"
Track Name: stay the same
"i want to memorize your freckles but i know that i would never be able to because they will never stay the same"
Track Name: baseball cards
when i was in third grade i wanted to be a football coach

& i had boxes of baseball cards
& i wish i'd kept up my art

milk crates hit my head driving back from michigan
Track Name: anna
i had fun with you in portland
it's not that cold
i am so glad that we're still friends
i hope we're friends when we are old

you know it rains a lot in my head
it's weird not having you around
i still worry about winter
i still eat pieces of the ground

i can't believe you'll be living in germany
you said you might visit this spring;
will you take me when you leave?
Track Name: climb inside
i sit on your windowsill wishing that i could climb inside
and sink into your low chair to find a place where we could hide

sorry i moved awkwardly in your kitchen
(we drink from different wells)
and after a while i don't think i would've minded the minerals

i looked at ceramic handles
you told me about fucking up

i felt just like your girlfriend when you did your laundry
you were stealing but it was free
Track Name: can you unlock the door for me
"should i go home?"
i'll stay right here if it's what you want
"can i come back home?"
i'm sorry that this can't work how we want

i'm staying up watching spike jonze movies or getting drunk
or i'm in bed with someone who just won't get out of my head

(i planned my life with you)
Track Name: ginkgo
i am the ginkgo
you are the ground
Track Name: will you tell me more about the red electric dress
i'm sorry i never listened to your mixes when we were together
but i've been listening to that nico song from the first one
and i am sorry things got bad with us
your mom wrote me and said you're back in saginaw
i wish i was better with words

on my bed with your drum and my guitar
and i sang frankie cosmos out of tune
you sang along though you didn't know the words
sorry for leaving you in grant park
i wish i was better with words

will i see you point to your hand again? i don't know where you are